Only Kind Words

Feed the good tiger. Speak only kind words.

Learning to confront problems and conflicts with kind words

I am working hard at no longer speaking sarcastic, passive-aggressive words. In order to speak only kind words, I have to deal with problems and conflicts in a straightforward and polite way.

This has had a few positive consequences:

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Watching my tone

Today I had to do some rather frustrating and (in the end) fruitless chores. They were especially frustrating because I live abroad and I don’t speak the local language very well yet.

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Being open and kind to strangers

Today a man I didn’t know approached me and just started asking me questions. The same thing happened to me yesterday.

I really don’t like it when strange men approach me, even in broad daylight. I find it creepy, especially when they ask me personal questions, even if the questions are fairly benign.

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Breathing instead of complaining

Today I found myself about to complain about someone.

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To let people know that we care about them – another reason to speak only kind words

I once had a huge crush on a boy. Whenever he was around me I got totally tongue-tied and found myself saying the silliest things. Unfortunately my feelings were not reciprocated, but this was a nice boy who liked me as a friend.

One night after I had made my feelings (somewhat) apparent, he tried to let me down easy. He told me all the things that he admired about me while making it clear that he just wasn’t interested in me romantically. I remember being so frustrated and wanting to scream that I didn’t matter that he thought that I was funny, or smart, or even attractive. All I wanted was for him to feel for me what I felt for him, and he didn’t.

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One reason to speak only kind words

There are many reasons that I have made the commitment to speak only kind words. One reason is that I can remember many times when other peoples’ kind words made a huge difference in my life. At times I have felt like kind words were the only things that got me through difficult situations.

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Only kind words

In the Hindu tradition, they say that in every one of us there are two tigers, one representing evil and one representing good. They are constantly at war with one another.

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