Only kind words

by onlykindwords

In the Hindu tradition, they say that in every one of us there are two tigers, one representing evil and one representing good. They are constantly at war with one another.

Which one wins the war?

The one that you feed.

I have two tigers inside of me. I am at a turning point in my life and I want to consciously feed the good tiger.

So I have decided to commit to speaking only kind words. Kind words must be true words, and they must not hurt the person to whom they are spoken. Kind words come from a place of love, not a place of fear, impatience, irritation, or superiority.

In order to speak only kind words I need to start by speaking fewer words. I am going to take three deep breaths before I say anything. I need to establish a habit of constantly considering whether the words that I’m about to say are kind or not.

This is going to be difficult.