One reason to speak only kind words

by onlykindwords

There are many reasons that I have made the commitment to speak only kind words. One reason is that I can remember many times when other peoples’ kind words made a huge difference in my life. At times I have felt like kind words were the only things that got me through difficult situations.

I’m sure everyone can remember at least one time when someone’s kind words made a difference in their lives. The person speaking the words probably didn’t even realize the impact that he or she had.

Almost exactly one year ago I had a really rough week. It was so tough with work, school, and family that I slept in through my alarm one day because I was totally exhausted. I was horrified as I *never* sleep late when I have somewhere to be. That afternoon I arrived very late to a class that I was taking.

My teacher was exceptionally kind to me that day. When he looked at me I felt like he really saw me, and understood that I was having a hard day. As I woman I often feel that I am constantly being looked at, but very rarely being seen. That day I felt very uncomfortable; sometimes a person’s focused attention can feel like scrutiny, and I associate scrutiny with being found wanting.

That day my teacher spoke some very kind words to me. He spoke simply and without condescension. It was a shock at the time, to be spoken to with such warmth that just a few words communicated an unequivocally tender kindness. I left feeling shaken, but as though I had been given a warm meal when I was starving. It was the greatest gift that I could have received that day, and those kind words alone were able to sustain me through a challenging time.

It was not the first time that I had been spoken to kindly. But it awakened in me the desire to be able to affect someone the same way that my teacher affected me. I wondered if I had the ability to communicate tender loving kindness, to reach out and help someone that I hardly knew with just a few words. I have carried that question with me for a year now, and I am ready to find out the answer.